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35 artists listed. 29 currently active.

Currently Active

Adrian Snell
Classically trained at the Leeds College of Music and with a music diploma to his name (LGSM), Adrian's unique compositions demonstrate a fusion of classical, rock and 'world' influences - from heart stirring ballads to anthemic Rock opera to solo piano... each piece revealing a deeply sensitive writer, constantly committed to bridging the world of faith and the human condition.

After The Fall

A loose creative collective built around three core members: Prod, Harv and Jules. Performing their songs as an acoustic trio, creating dream-like ambient textures with a full band line-up or operating in an electronic, loop-based format, Airstar's strength lies in the depth of their material, celebrating the wonder of the everyday with melodies to die for.

Alan Draper
Alan Draper began composing during the Golden Age of Progressive Music in the early 70's, influenced by Genesis, Yes, Stackridge and King Crimson as well as the earlier wave of innovative pop from the 60's,The Beatles, The Moody Blues and Procol Harum.

Albert Bogle Band

Alex Robertson
A daunting invitation to play the violin in a prison prompted classically trained musician Alex Robertson to write the haunting, expressive improvisations which became the album "Spirit to Spirit".


Alternative Current


A Christian Rock band from Horsham formed in 1998 by brothers Marky and Phil Daly, AMDG play 70-80's influenced apocalyptic rock. They currently play as an acoustic duo while looking for more musicians.


Andrew Buckton
Inspired by writers like Kevin Prosch, Van Morrison, Nick Drake and James Taylor, Andrew Buckton attempts to reflect the honest approach of those writers in his acoustic-led music.

Andrew Jenkins Lamb

Andy Chance

Andy Smith
Andy Smith is a worship leader and songwriter based at Newark Baptist Church. Over the last few years his songs have been increasingly been used at grass roots level in the local church. His songs have been included on several compilation CDs. His music reflects his heart for the church and for revival. Hope is a recurring theme in his lyrics.

Andy Thornton
Writing songs since he first picked up a guitar aged 14, Andy Thornton's instinct for telling a story is only equalled by his passion to get beneath the surface of everyday life and unveil the secrets of the human heart; whether it be anger, frustration, tenderness, wild love or hope of justice.

Angel Orange
This 4 piece "indiefolkfunkrockgospelgrungalism" band, started when they responded to subliminal messages from a Larry Norman LP - "we all heard the call at the same time" says guitarist Si Burge, "it went like 'egnarolivna dellac dnab a mrof llahs uoy' or backwards - you shall form a band called anvilorange" - but we didn't like the anvil bit - too typecast stylistically for us!"

This Reading based rock/nu-metal 4-some, formed in late 2001, and have evolved from playing worship songs, to full on, guitar driven, power-pop. Their blend of heavy guitar riffs and soaring melodies, aswell as their lively stage performance helped them win the Greenbelt Humanic Battle of the Bands 2003. Comparisoms include Evanescence and Caroline Alexander.


Ant Parker
Once upon a time there was a boy named Ant and he was in a band called Why? After a while Ant left the band and after a break he began to tinker with some new music. Visit his page to hear the rest of the story.



As If...
Buckinghamshire based As If... include U2, Genesis, Pink Floyd, Queen, Hawkwind, Talk Talk, Sunscreem and Chemical Brothers among their influences. They take their music very seriously but also have a strong (and confess at times wierd) sense of humour.


Ashen Mortality
Ashen Mortality play a blend of atmospheric progressive doom death gothic metal with medieval/folk influences.



Citing influences from System of Down, Faith No More and Incubus, Axlanbay is a fusion of rock, metal, rap and funk.


No Longer Active




Formed in summer 2000, aieris cite a diversity of influences on their sound such as our lady peace, tonic, third eye blind and lowgold, though the aieris sound has at times also been compared to u.s. band live.

Anon Hum


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