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Currently Active

10 Tall Men



3 Second Memory
Described as "acoustic rock" by critics and euro-pop by their friends, they've been likened to bands such as the Counting Crows, Matchbox 20, and Jars Of Clay, claim to be "a blend of all of these...and more", citing other influences including Delirious, White Buffalo, Train and U2.

3rd Day Rising
3rd Day Rising are a hard rock band based in South Wales. They've been playing together since the early 90s and have played live in many settings: churches, pubs, schools and festivals.


Adrian Snell
Classically trained at the Leeds College of Music and with a music diploma to his name (LGSM), Adrian's unique compositions demonstrate a fusion of classical, rock and 'world' influences - from heart stirring ballads to anthemic Rock opera to solo piano... each piece revealing a deeply sensitive writer, constantly committed to bridging the world of faith and the human condition.

After The Fall

A loose creative collective built around three core members: Prod, Harv and Jules. Performing their songs as an acoustic trio, creating dream-like ambient textures with a full band line-up or operating in an electronic, loop-based format, Airstar's strength lies in the depth of their material, celebrating the wonder of the everyday with melodies to die for.

Alan Draper
Alan Draper began composing during the Golden Age of Progressive Music in the early 70's, influenced by Genesis, Yes, Stackridge and King Crimson as well as the earlier wave of innovative pop from the 60's,The Beatles, The Moody Blues and Procol Harum.

Albert Bogle Band

Alex Robertson
A daunting invitation to play the violin in a prison prompted classically trained musician Alex Robertson to write the haunting, expressive improvisations which became the album "Spirit to Spirit".


Alternative Current


A Christian Rock band from Horsham formed in 1998 by brothers Marky and Phil Daly, AMDG play 70-80's influenced apocalyptic rock. They currently play as an acoustic duo while looking for more musicians.


Andrew Buckton
Inspired by writers like Kevin Prosch, Van Morrison, Nick Drake and James Taylor, Andrew Buckton attempts to reflect the honest approach of those writers in his acoustic-led music.

Andrew Jenkins Lamb

Andy Chance

Andy Smith
Andy Smith is a worship leader and songwriter based at Newark Baptist Church. Over the last few years his songs have been increasingly been used at grass roots level in the local church. His songs have been included on several compilation CDs. His music reflects his heart for the church and for revival. Hope is a recurring theme in his lyrics.

Andy Thornton
Writing songs since he first picked up a guitar aged 14, Andy Thornton's instinct for telling a story is only equalled by his passion to get beneath the surface of everyday life and unveil the secrets of the human heart; whether it be anger, frustration, tenderness, wild love or hope of justice.

Angel Orange
This 4 piece "indiefolkfunkrockgospelgrungalism" band, started when they responded to subliminal messages from a Larry Norman LP - "we all heard the call at the same time" says guitarist Si Burge, "it went like 'egnarolivna dellac dnab a mrof llahs uoy' or backwards - you shall form a band called anvilorange" - but we didn't like the anvil bit - too typecast stylistically for us!"

This Reading based rock/nu-metal 4-some, formed in late 2001, and have evolved from playing worship songs, to full on, guitar driven, power-pop. Their blend of heavy guitar riffs and soaring melodies, aswell as their lively stage performance helped them win the Greenbelt Humanic Battle of the Bands 2003. Comparisoms include Evanescence and Caroline Alexander.


Ant Parker
Once upon a time there was a boy named Ant and he was in a band called Why? After a while Ant left the band and after a break he began to tinker with some new music. Visit his page to hear the rest of the story.



As If...
Buckinghamshire based As If... include U2, Genesis, Pink Floyd, Queen, Hawkwind, Talk Talk, Sunscreem and Chemical Brothers among their influences. They take their music very seriously but also have a strong (and confess at times wierd) sense of humour.


Ashen Mortality
Ashen Mortality play a blend of atmospheric progressive doom death gothic metal with medieval/folk influences.



Citing influences from System of Down, Faith No More and Incubus, Axlanbay is a fusion of rock, metal, rap and funk.



A four piece rock band from the East Midlands described by a friend as a cross between the Stone Roses and the Monkees. The band have a set of mixed covers and original songs which they've been playing in pubs and clubs for the last few years.


Barefoot In The Stream

Beautiful Feet
An acoustic rock outfit determind to break into the Leeds music scene. Their music belnds driving guitar lines and vocal harmonies with drum rhythms and bass hooks they claim are so solid "you could hang your coat on them".

Bell Jar
Arising from the ashes of Eden Burning have come Bell Jar, who have now released two highly-regarded albums of fine songwriting, infectious grooves, topped by the distinctive soulful voice of Paul Northup.

Ben Okafor

Bentsonic boast guitar riffs that match the sonic landscapes that only bands like Sigur Ros and Godspeed You Black Emperor profess. Many have argued that their influences range from Placebo, Kent & Radiohead.

Beyond The Bars
A south Wales based band, whose music has been described as "folk-rock", Beyond the Bars' influences include: the Incredible String Band, Dylan, traditional Celtic music and a wide variety of literature.

Bill Drake


Blessed Rain

Blue Planet

Blue Strawberry Jam


Bon Czar Head Wardrobe of Soul


Brian Houston

Brotherhood of the Holy Cross

Brown Bear Music

Bryn Haworth
Having appeared on bills with such artists as Led Zeppelin, Jefferson Airplane and Taj Mahal, Bryn Haworth has been called a "musician's musician" and is known particularly for his slide guitar prowess.

Bushbaby are a 3-piece from Bristol, whose sound has been described as "dark post-grunge rock; punchy and full of shimmering hooks". Metal Hammer named the band "demo of the month" for September 2001

By The Way
Finding their main roots in rock but hoping to explore a ide range of styles, By The Way list U2, Delirious, Jimi Hendrix, Stone Roses, Michael W Smith and Martyn Joseph as their key influences.

Carbon 14, started life when Allan, Jim & Ken (later joined by Doug) met on a performing arts course. But they insist Carbon 14 is "no poncy stardom-by-numbers contrivance spawned by 90's kids from fame." Instead they pick up on phrases like, "classy alterna-rock"; Melody Maker's description of them.

Cain's Mark
Cainís Mark are a three piece rock band who formed in the summer of 2000. The name derives from the mysterious mark of protection placed on Cain, Eveís son, by God. Tom Duce (19, guitar / vocals), Trevor Saull (20, bass guitar) and Joel Warwick (20, drums) use this as part of the inspiration behind their honest, dark; but often uplifting brand of rock. Cainís Mark are full of contrasts they manage to flow naturally from energetic and heavy outpourings to stripped down, but no less powerful, open and expressive melodies.


Cameron Dante

Can't Play, Won't Play
Formed to help a youth group put on a musical, CPWP enjoyed themselves so much that they stayed together as a band. They come in two forms, either the standard lineup or a more elaborate "big band".


Careless is a post Punk (ramones, buzzcocks, Randy)band which play across the UK. They have been seen playing alongsid bands such as Bushbaby, The Hitchers,The corral, Delirious?, The Candyheads, The Sultans of Ping, Haven, and Kosher.

Carl McGregor

Caroline Alexander
Since bursting onto the rock scene in 2000 has produced a string of recordings on Organic and gigged mainly in the South East but also at Festivals across the UK including three performances at Greenbelt. Her music is rock, and if you think Skunk Anansie and Guano Apes with a touch of Bjork and Sex Pistols you are beginning to get the picture.

Caroline Bonnett

Carrie and David Grant

Cashu are a 4-piece outfit from Kent. Best described as alternative indie, they draw their influences from bands as diverse as Coldplay, Foo Fighters and Counting Crows. Having cut their teeth supporting bands such as Phatfish, yFriday, Steve and Cephas, they are just stepping out into the world...

Catherine Francis

Cathy Burton
This creative 20-something pulls the stops out and serves up not only a voice and sound that are uniquely hers ... but also a blend of musical strength, spiritual depth and human frailty.

The attitude of the Sex Pistols mixed up with the melodies of bands like Green Day and Blink182. Punk rock's answer to Cliff Richard?

Charity Quin
Classically trained, with a tremendous vocal range Charity sings mainly Jazz and Gospel pieces.

Charlie Allansen

Chasing Stars


Chris Davies

Chris Eaton
Strongly influenced by Cliff Richard, for whom he's written songs, Chris Eaton has released a number of his own albums as well as working with dozens of other artists.

Chris Pusey

Chris Roe
Chris Roe has been writing songs for many years and has had much of his work published. Previous recordings have generally been in the live guitar, bass and drums format however he has recently been working with dance producer Nathan Menlove to give some of his songs a more modern feel. He has also done some work with Vince Millett and Louis Counter aka Secret Archives of the Vatican at Broken Drum Studio. The outcome is a piece of work involving a dramatic mix of live instruments and hard and often experimental beats and textures, sometimes pop, sometimes hard electronica.

Christina Harrison
Splitting her time between the US and Europe, Christina Harrison received classical voice training and was one of the solo sopranos for travelling choir "The Centralaires". Her music these days reflects more of her Scottish roots along with a touch of country.

Based in the Scottish Borders, Chrysalis fuse classical instruments (flute, oboe and sax) with celtic (highland and lowland pipes, bodhran, fiddle and Clarsach) and modern (keyboards) to produce a unique sound.

Cliff Richard
Cliff's dad bought him his first guitar for his sixteenth birthday for the princely sum of 27 pounds. Now with four decades' worth of hits under his belt he's still committed to making memorable pop tunes.

Coastal Dune
3 years ago stirring in the realms of academia in Durham, came together a band with eyes set on a higher prize than just degrees. Anthemic guitars, swirling synths and the electrifying vocals of Becky Drake were fused together. The end product has already swept two consecutive University Battle of the Bands competitions, two articles in the Guardian, radio play around the country and a hugely successful appearance on Channel 5.


Colse Leung

Convinced are a young band based in Leics, England, and are five youngsters - Chesca, Jo, Lorna, Chris & Si - who make music!! Formed in 2001, and writing their own songs, they released an EP in January 2002, which was an instant sell-out! A modern sound enhanced by guitar, bass, keys, drums & vocals, Convinced combine a set of catchy tunes, with "Sunday Best" becoming a popular hit with followers!



Crimson are a young, up-and-coming band based in the North East of Wales, UK. They play alternative rock-indie music, a wide variety of influences combining to form their own definitive sound.

Cross Purpose

A four piece rock outfit playing mostly original material, though they do slip a few covers into their set.Crossfire play mostly on the pub circuit, though they have been known to play the odd worship event.

Cruickaz (Paul Cruickshank) has been involved in the UK Christian music scene for well over a decade now. Having worked across Europe with Johnny Markin and other Artists such as Chris Bowater, Trish Morgan and Steve Lawson.


da capo
da capo aim to entertain with a lively programme of music and stories appropriate to the occasion, from a Christian perspective, subtle if necessary. †We are always happy to play somewhere new!



Dan Donovan
Electric once more, Donovan still remains difficult to bag, but on his latest project he sits comfortably somewhere around The Pixies, Tom Waites and Death in Vegas.

Daniel Beddingfield

Dave and Sue Clemo

Dave Bilbrough
As a pioneer of the contemporary worship genre Dave Bilbrough's music spans 25 years, with songs that have expressed renewal and thanksgiving for countless churches across the United Kingdom and beyond.

Dave Cooke

Dave Deeks
Dave Deeks is a singer-songwriter based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England. His musical style encompasses folk, country and rock - always held together with a strong melody. Dave's voice is immediately recognizable, and his lyrics always unambiguously Christian.

Dave Fitzgerald

Dave Robson

David Currie

David J Sherwood

David Scott-Morgan


Debby Barnes

Dee Moore
Having grown up singing, joining the Birmingham Mass Choir at the age of fourteen, contemporary gospel singer Dee Moore decided at the beginning of 1998 to go solo.




As the Cutting Edge Band they released a string of worship songs which are still in regular use across the world, now as Delirious? these boys from Littlehampton are intent on taking their pop-rock into the charts.


feel like a tv aerial all coming to me at once beauty and sky and don't care no more dfg dfg about living on the edge of something like watching an electric storm out in the atlantic

Different Corner


DNA Algorithm

Doug E Ross

Douglas & Hauser

Dr Jones
Dr. Jones are a nine piece band from Edinburgh with their roots in acid jazz, classic r'n'b and rock. These influences combine to create a unique brand of funk.


Duggie Dug Dug


Eden's Bridge

Elaine Hanley
Probably best known from her time singing with World Wide Message Tribe, Elaine is now established as a solo artist. Her music is soul, gospel, r&b with a hint of rock & folk mixed in with a dance flava, inspired by such people as CeCe Winans, Whitney Houston & Crystal Lewis.

Elle Rogers





Eve And The Garden


Famous Potatoes
Despite playing together since the 70s, the Famous Potatoes still find it difficult to describe their music. They've chosen the term "soil music" because of their earthy sound which pulls in influences from western swing, bluegrass, country, gospel, folk, cajun and other styles.

Fat Old Dad

Fire Fly

Five Dollar Soul

Five Small Ponies

Bridging the gap between common perceptions and the actual truth, flik are a new sound made up of three Christian guys, out to speak the truth through their own brand of alternative rock.



So what do they sound like? Well, Bob Mould would appreciate the songwriting. The guitars are sometimes likened to The Who. Throw all that in with Bono's naivety that we can make the world a better place and what you've come up with is FONO. Two Brits who admire American rock and one American who favours British sounds.

Foreign Body

Formula 7

Fractal Edge


Freddie Kofi
The music of Freddie Kofi is composed from a tapestry of deeply meaningful lyrics and mainly interwoven with warm acoustic threads. His main musical influences include artists such as BabyFace, Lionel Richie, Stevie Wonder, Earth Wind & Fire, James Taylor, and Gospel artists such as The Winans, Fred Hammond and Stephen Curtis Chapman.




Fresh Claim
Their songs exhibited an anger and clarity that was too often lacking from the Christian youth club scene that the band play in. Musically, they are now fundamentally a blues-rock band, the funk influences of their early work having now been largely forgotten.



Garth Hewitt


Geoff Howlett
Geoff Howlett's musical talents were first heard on the Christian scene in 1989, as one half of the folk/pop duo The Gift. In the years following, he emerged as a lead vocalist, fronting the bands Dark Horses, Giants Will Fall, and 95 Foot Wave. On stage, Geoff performs both original and well known chart hits, depending on the venue and requirments of the event organisers.

Get Real!

Gideon's Answer


Glass Darkly
Glass Darkly are a four-piece rock band based in Bermondsey, South East London. They have been working part-time as a band since 2001 when they felt God tell them to leave their full-time jobs. GD write and perform their own material and have ambitions to gig wherever and whenever they can.

Glenhoulachan Midgie Club Folk and Ceilidh Band





Graham Kendrick
Graham Kendrick, the son of a Baptist pastor, was born in Northamptonshire in 1950. He trained as a teacher but launched out as a singer/songwriter in 1972. His songs and hymns are sung by millions of people in numerous languages around the world.



Hallelujah Square

Harry Webb and the Pots of Alabaster

Hayley Angel

Helen Jayne

Helen Shapiro

Helen Turner
The music sweeps from simple guitar and vocal arrangements through to complex ambient grooves using a wide variety of unconventional and unusual instruments. Ethnic wind instruments, accordion, cello & violin, e-bow guitar, chapman stick and fretless bass all joining with helen's captivating vocals to produce a collection of songs which contain resonances for everyone.

Helen Yawson



Holly D. Johnston

Home at Last

House Molari



Ian Richard Bell

Ian White

Paul's interest in House music was founded around 1988 when the first Chicago house records started hitting the specialist record stores in the UK. He discovered tracks like Mr Fingers' "Can you feel it" and Adonis's "No way back" amongst other Chicago 303 pioneers like Future fantasy club.



Indian Summer

A four piece Indie/Rock band from Edinburgh take their musical cues from artists like Travis, Counting Crows and U2.

Interior Motive


Jamie Sturt
A young Scottish based songwriter who crosses musical barriers and plays in many different styles, from country to sadcore to lo-fi to emo. Influenced by everyone from Jeff Buckley to Tricky to Sparklehorse to Bach to Low to Woody Guthrie to Alien Ant Farm to Pedro the Lion and Soundgarden.

Jane is a Christian artist who has been writing and performing with Rachael Blue for some time but recently decided it was time to pursue a solo careeer. A seasoned vocalist and writer, her debut CD 'Close Up And Real', includes Dave Bronze (Eric Clapton bassist), Reg Webb (of Lenny Kravitz) and Pete Jacobsen.

Janis English

Jaysson and the Astronauts
After a shaky start with bad haircuts and even worse stage presence, this 5 piece have established themselves in the local music scene in Central Scotland. If you lean towards the loud, the furious and the energetic then JayssonSound maybe for you.


Jess Stephens




Joanna Barratt

Joanne Hogg


John Froud and the PKs

John Heavens
Having been immersed in music from an early age, John Heavens started songwriting some years later at the age of 30. His songwriting is intended to be contemporary with 'positive lyrics'.

John Hociej

John M Gregory

John Perry

Johnny Parks

Beginning life leading worship at their home church in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, Jonah have been gigging regularly since July 2000. Difficult to categorise but "it's heavy and sometimes funky with a worship tinge".

Jonathan Brewer

Jonathan Day

Music has been in Jonee's mind and soul since he was a wee boy with his greatest attribute being his unique voice. At the age of 9, he had an encounter with God at a concert and from that point on maintained that relationship as a crucial part of his life. At a party when he was 15 Jonee was shown 3 chords on a guitar and spent the next few years creating names for all the other ones that he hadn't been shown yet, which he discovered was actually quite a few.

Jonnys In The Basement

Joshua's Promise





Julie Lord
Julie Lord has been writing songs for as long as she can remember. At the age of sixteen she was one half of a folk/blues duo touring local folk clubs. Nowadays her sound is described as being somewhere near a large helping of blues mixed with some jazz and r+b.

Juliet Turner

K.M.A. Reveal

Karen Rackham

Mixing dark, grungy pop with delicate passionate melodies, Kato were formed in 1996 by songwriter and frontman Keith Ayling. From humble beginnings in a small derelict studio called Red Box the band have come a long way. After just six rehearsals they rushed to Manchester's Cutting Rooms to give birth to their debut EP. Kato are not taking over the world - at least not for commercial reasons, but they are trying to change it.


Keith and the Marzipan Soldiers
4 piece christian punk band based in bexleyheath.




Kris Morris


Laconia were brought together by their mutual love of heavy guitars and lyrical disorder. From the North East of England, they've set themselves the task of "saving rock and ro"ll. Their influences include Manic Street Preachers and Guns and Roses and the name is the name of a ship which an ex-band-member's dad learnt about on the Discovery Channel.


Last Beacon

This music graduate is an ambitious singer/songwriter. She has been compared to Jewel, Sarah McLachlan, Lene Marlin and Dido and mixes uptempo pop with ethereal ballads and some rock and acid jazz sounds.

Lemon Twelve

Lies Damned Lies
Recording their first album for Siren/Virgin in 1989, Lies Damned Lies felt artistically compromised by its lush, glossy, transatlantic feel and have since recorded independently, producing a string of albums they describe as "moodier affairs, of tersely controlled fragility".


Linda Edwards

Lion of Judah
Lion of Judah describe their praise style as rocky, instrumental, lively and fun. They tend to play music by Delirious, Noel and Tricia Richards and Hill Song (Darlene Zschech), amoung others, depending on the audience. They like to serve the needs of the community wherever they're playing in whatever way they can.

Living Hope

Long Time Dead

Love Crusade
The five members of Love Crusade blend together eclectic influences; soul, r'n'b, blues, rock, gospel are all elements which influence this Birmingham band.



M.e.r.c.y Lead

The band touches on the worship side of things but now they could best be described as guitar rock. The songs move from subtle to powerfully heartfelt and the music has the potential to grow into spontanious journeys across many landscapes.

Mad Dog and The Englishman

Maddy Leigh Blues Band
The Maddy Leigh Blues Band are a 5 piece Blues based in Liverpool. Their sound is derived from the Blues mixed with Rock, Jazz and R'n'B.

Maggi Dawn

Maire Brennan

Mal Pope

Malcolm Evans

Marc Catley

Marilla Ness

Marilyn Baker

Mark Stone

Mark Stoney

Martyn Joseph

Matt Crane

Matt Redman

Matter Don't Matter




Michael Cameron

Michael Harcus

Michael Lovelock


Mike Burn

Mike Jenkins

Mike Peters

Milky Lunch
With a loop-driven indie/rock sound inspired by the greats, the Milky sound is both varied and exciting, never bland.




More To Life


Mr. Bennett

Mr. E


Nancy Sawyer

Narrow Door

Nathan Bennett

Neil Alton
Former front-man of Nervous Passenger, now based in Northern Ireland and gone solo. Neil learned to play guitar through Pearl Jam and Roy Orbison music books and as a solo artist has performed with artists such as Martyn Joseph, Bebo Norman, Jennifer Knapp & Rodney Codner.


New Creation


Nick Beggs

Nicki Rogers

No Limits

No Longer Silent


Noel Donaldson

Noel Richards



Obviously 5 Believers

Odd At Ease

Old Blue Moses

One Big City

One Week of Days
Husband and wife duo Bob and Jan have been playing music together since their teens, but formed One Week of Days in summer 2000. Their sound is a blend of styles ranging from rock and dance through to jazz and folk.





Otis P Funkmeyer & The Salsa Classico Orchestra

Our Dad



Paley's Watch



Paul A Davies
a veteran guitar player of some 21 years (though he admits to being a 'little' older than that), paul has always steered clear of the conventional and become an explorer of the extreme capabilities of the guitar and its technology.

Paul Field

Paul Heyman

Paul Jones and Fiona Hendley

Paul May

Paul May Blues Band

Paul Oakley

Paul Poulton

Paul Wheater Band

Pavarotti's Sandwich Bar

Pete Cant

Pete Hamilton
A prolific songwriter and veteran of several bands, Pete has set out on a solo path under his own name developing a more acoustic sound based around his solo guitar playing (although this boy still knows how to rock). He has performed solo at a number of showcase gigs including local radio.

Pete Ryder


Phil and John

Phil James

Pierced Through

Pity The Small Thumbs

Plan Nine

Poor Old Ben

Project Mayhem
A Christian two-piece dance band made up of Lisa (vocals) and Ren (rap), with a diverse sound, happy to play at any type of venue and can cater especially for a youth audience as well as an older audience.

Formed when a group of guys from Newcastle and Leeds universities decided to form a new band from the ashes of previous projects, project3 include Everclear, the Goo Goo Dolls and Delirious? among their varies influences.

Psalm Drummers
Psalm Drummers is a network of Christians whose aim is to grow in wisdom and truth and to promote 'true' worship. They use drumming as a voice for prayer, worship, prophecy and ministry, and seek a biblical framework for the use of their gifts.

Psalmistry are a Bristol based 4 piece rock breakbeat crew who ramraid their beats and rhymes into senses. With elements from metal, hiphop, techno, drum & bass and punk, this live experience continues to thrive in the millennium rather than fade away.


Pure Silk





Vibrant and catchy pop-rock and dance music.


Red Ash and the Love Commandos



Remember Beppo

Rendered produce strong guitar driven rock with a pop edge and aim for clear and straightforward lyrics.


Resident Boss



Richard Knight

Richard Lewis

Richard o'Conor

Rick Christian

Rick Wakeman

Ricky Valance


River Deep

Rob Barrowdale

Rob Halligan

Robin Mark

Rodney Cordner and Jean-Pierre Rudolph

Roger Boyce

Roger Mayor

Rolinson, Boyce and Stanley


Ruth Box





Salt of the Earth


Sammy Horner


Secret Archives of the Vatican



Set Free


Sheila Hamil


Shine MK

Shona MacDonald




Simon Goodall

Simple Folk Quartet

Sister Sister





5 guys from east kilbride. smuj produce the kind of intelligent pop-rock that seems to be very much missing from todays scene. With influences as diverse as Otis Redding to Radiohead, the band produce a sound that is unique.



Sola Harba
A blend of alternative and indie rock, Sola Harba are a 4 piece band based in Oxford. Although the songwriters are Christian, not all the songs are explicitly Christian and instead focus on real life issues and emotions, hoping to leave a pleasant after-taste of honesty in the ears.

Son of Nun




Split Level

"You write a song and you can't run away from what you have written; sometimes it's hard and fast, sometimes it is gentle and acoustic. Squid also include cover songs in their set to appease the local pubs."




State of the Ark

Stephen Roy Hill


Steve Amadeo

Steve Butler

Steve Lawson

Steve Parsons

Stevenson and Samuel

Still Time Band

Like distant thunder rising above the urban warfare of Manchester life, a Stonebaker song can follow you everywhere you go. Once heard, it is never forgotten; it is a compelling weapon against the hollow and corrosive enemy that is contemporary music. Stonebaker use dynamic and melodic tunes as a vehicle for emotive and lyrical weaponry.


Street Level

Strung Up

Stuart Menzies Farrant

After several years in a variety of separate bands (learning and playing differing styles of music), Sub-5 grew from the desire each member holds to put their previous experience and brightly burning ambition into a successful contemporary rock band making well-crafted lyrical songs. Sub-5 have come together to produce original songs that explore issues, situations and emotions familiar to all through considered lyrics and approachable music.

Sue Rinaldi





Swamp Cranks





Tenth Leper

Terl Bryant

Terry Paul Broadhurst


The 5th Monkey Men

The Blessed Man

The Broken
The Broken are a rock worship ministry band, based in Kettering, Northants. Led by Dave & Sue Clemo on vocals, guitar & vocals, it's an integral part of their Servant Heart Ministries.

The Burnsides

The Electrics

The Eleventh Hour

The Fabulous Bingo Brothers

The Fiona Simpson Band

the following

The Gloryhounds

The Glorylanders
Bringing Southern Gospel from the USA to Britain.

The Haraoke Band

The Hideous Mr. Goldstein

The High Planets
Originally a traditional live band, The High Planets decided to reinvent their band in Cyberspace and taking the MP3 revolution by the horns set themselves up on the web. Eamonn Hennessy joined at this point bringing a fresh keyboard sound, and using computer software to record and arrange the music has taken their stuff to new dimensions. Think Ian Brown, Cornershop, REM, Fatboy Slim, The Verve and you won't be too far away from The High Planets sound.

The Honey Thieves
Musically the band has been described as many things and has been torn between the genres Folk and Rock for some time now. Possible descriptions have been created such as 'Lounge Frock' but really you need to hear them for yourself.

The Inflatable Sharks

The Klyvz

The Maccabees
First forming under the name Dissident Prophet in 1994, the Maccabees player their first gig without a name as support to Iona at the Irish Centre. The D.Ps toured nationally and supported numerous bands such as Babylon Zoo, Stiff Little Fingers, Ocean Colour Scene and Fish and received rave reviews in the likes of Melody Maker and Kerrang!

The Mighty Angels

The Montoyas

The Ned Kelly Band

The Obstreperous

The Paul Poulton Project

The R Generation

The Receivers

The Significant Others

The Stud-u-likes

The Tribe

The Wades



This Way Up

Three Sixteen

Thursday's Child
A five-piece worship band from Ipswich, Thursday's Child also do covers gigs in the local area and have played a variety of youth and worship events.

Tim Cooper
Tim Cooper is a musician and worship leader. He has played in Ipswich based band Thursday's Child for 6 years and has been involved in several locally produced CD's and other performances. Tim has been involved with leading worship at many events in the Ipswich area and beyond.

Tim Hughes

Tim Sherrington

Titus are a 3 piece contemporary worship band based in Newcastle. With a rock flavour to their music, the band blend original worship songs with a mix of tracks written by many of today's premier worship leaders. The bands passion is to be used of God, to His glory, through their lives and music. They have an immense passion and enthusiasm for life and music.



Tomorrow's Girl

Tony Brooks

Tony Willis

Tracey Kay

Tribe of Dan



Troy Donockley


Two By Two

As one of the biggest bands in the world, U2 need little introduction. Over the course of two decades and a dozen albums they've made plenty of rock history.


Urban Militia



Formed in the summer of 2002 from the bones of the band 'dropknee', Vender have already made their mark on the Birmingham scene. Their first few gigs have succeeded in building on a large fanbase and loyal following, and the band have already generated some interest within the music industry. Combining the chunky guitar pop of Ash with the lyrical poignancy of Coldplay, their infectious melodies have taken the Birmingham circuit by storm.



Vivid Prophet
Vivid Prophet is aka Piers, a Drum and Bass fan from Surrey. He has been experimenting for years with sampling, effects and trying to push the envelope of his own creativity. Always pushing towards the edge!

Washed In Red



Where's Harry
Equally at home playing their own original music or praise and worship music. Where's Harry? are a five piece guitar based band with their music firmly rooted in the rock genre.

Wild Honey



World Without End
Influenced by bands such as Radiohead, World Without End not only have a modern rock guitar sound, but also more "poppy" tracks, and others showing traces of Levellers style folk and blues.





YJC are a Christian Metal band from the Channel Islands. Their musical influences include Linkin Park, Grammatrain and Tourniquet and they are well known for their lively stage presence and deep, thought provoking lyrics.


Zebedee's Star



"Forget your worries, have a good time." Glasgow based multi-national Ziba fuses African pop folk, reggae with a Celtic twist and excites audiences with their joy and passion for worldwide music.



No Longer Active





Formed in summer 2000, aieris cite a diversity of influences on their sound such as our lady peace, tonic, third eye blind and lowgold, though the aieris sound has at times also been compared to u.s. band live.

Anon Hum




Big Blue Sky

Big Vision




Booley are a band committed to writing and performing songs of intensity and passion. Influences in the band are varied but others have compared them to Fountains of Wayne, The Wannadies, and a rockier take on Ben Folds Five to name but a few. The band themselves aspire to the full on energy of Foo Fighters, the fragility of Sparklehorse and the songwriting grit of Aimee Mann.

Calvin's Dream
"Presbyterian garage" was the phrase most often associated with Calvin's Dream's music. Their one album, Fanatical, was an instant classic, bristling with melody and rage and packed full of understated power.


Cross Fire TYF


Destiny Calling

Don't Panic

Dum Dums

Eden Burning


Eskimo Sunbed
A 4 piece rock/funk band based in Neath and Swansea, Eskimo Sunbed have been gigging regularly since their first recording in February 2000, aiming to provide a tight, high energy performance.

Expanse claim to be a resounding orchestra of acoustic and harmonious vibes, alongside funky bass and more upbeat rhythmic elements, appealing to a wide audience. Sounds you can chill out too, get deep into and dance however you like to.


Fat and Frantic

Firescan 90



If Only

lost dog

Nervous Passenger

On The Rock


Setting out to be "the new sound in Christian pop music", Oxygen blend male and female harmonies into a sound which could have come straight out of the charts, influenced by groups such as S Club 7, Steps and Hearsay.


Ripcord sit in the indie rock camp, combining the art of entertainment with loud guitars, infectious grooves and harmony laden hook lines.


Sure Thing

The Bare Minimum

The Maroons

When Monday Comes


World Wide Message Tribe

No Longer UK/Ireland Based

Barry Bynum

Jenny and Alex Legg

Johnny Markin

Liberation Suite

Loose Goose

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