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Paul A Davies
a veteran guitar player of some 21 years (though he admits to being a 'little' older than that), paul has always steered clear of the conventional and become an explorer of the extreme capabilities of the guitar and its technology.

Paul Field

Paul Heyman

Paul Jones and Fiona Hendley

Paul May

Paul May Blues Band

Paul Oakley

Paul Poulton

Paul Wheater Band

Pavarotti's Sandwich Bar

Pete Cant

Pete Hamilton
A prolific songwriter and veteran of several bands, Pete has set out on a solo path under his own name developing a more acoustic sound based around his solo guitar playing (although this boy still knows how to rock). He has performed solo at a number of showcase gigs including local radio.

Pete Ryder


Phil and John

Phil James

Pierced Through

Pity The Small Thumbs

Plan Nine

Poor Old Ben

Project Mayhem
A Christian two-piece dance band made up of Lisa (vocals) and Ren (rap), with a diverse sound, happy to play at any type of venue and can cater especially for a youth audience as well as an older audience.

Formed when a group of guys from Newcastle and Leeds universities decided to form a new band from the ashes of previous projects, project3 include Everclear, the Goo Goo Dolls and Delirious? among their varies influences.

Psalm Drummers
Psalm Drummers is a network of Christians whose aim is to grow in wisdom and truth and to promote 'true' worship. They use drumming as a voice for prayer, worship, prophecy and ministry, and seek a biblical framework for the use of their gifts.

Psalmistry are a Bristol based 4 piece rock breakbeat crew who ramraid their beats and rhymes into senses. With elements from metal, hiphop, techno, drum & bass and punk, this live experience continues to thrive in the millennium rather than fade away.


Pure Silk


The Paul Poulton Project

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