Britlinks is no longer actively maintained, but is preserved here as a historical record. Something of the history of the site can be found on this page.

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16 artists listed. 13 currently active.

Currently Active

Obviously 5 Believers

Odd At Ease

Old Blue Moses

One Big City

One Week of Days
Husband and wife duo Bob and Jan have been playing music together since their teens, but formed One Week of Days in summer 2000. Their sound is a blend of styles ranging from rock and dance through to jazz and folk.





Otis P Funkmeyer & The Salsa Classico Orchestra

Our Dad


The Obstreperous

No Longer Active

On The Rock


Setting out to be "the new sound in Christian pop music", Oxygen blend male and female harmonies into a sound which could have come straight out of the charts, influenced by groups such as S Club 7, Steps and Hearsay.

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