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Britlinks Band Listing

32 artists listed. 30 currently active.

Currently Active

Jamie Sturt
A young Scottish based songwriter who crosses musical barriers and plays in many different styles, from country to sadcore to lo-fi to emo. Influenced by everyone from Jeff Buckley to Tricky to Sparklehorse to Bach to Low to Woody Guthrie to Alien Ant Farm to Pedro the Lion and Soundgarden.

Jane is a Christian artist who has been writing and performing with Rachael Blue for some time but recently decided it was time to pursue a solo careeer. A seasoned vocalist and writer, her debut CD 'Close Up And Real', includes Dave Bronze (Eric Clapton bassist), Reg Webb (of Lenny Kravitz) and Pete Jacobsen.

Janis English

Jaysson and the Astronauts
After a shaky start with bad haircuts and even worse stage presence, this 5 piece have established themselves in the local music scene in Central Scotland. If you lean towards the loud, the furious and the energetic then JayssonSound maybe for you.


Jess Stephens




Joanna Barratt

Joanne Hogg


John Froud and the PKs

John Heavens
Having been immersed in music from an early age, John Heavens started songwriting some years later at the age of 30. His songwriting is intended to be contemporary with 'positive lyrics'.

John Hociej

John M Gregory

John Perry

Johnny Parks

Beginning life leading worship at their home church in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, Jonah have been gigging regularly since July 2000. Difficult to categorise but "it's heavy and sometimes funky with a worship tinge".

Jonathan Brewer

Jonathan Day

Music has been in Jonee's mind and soul since he was a wee boy with his greatest attribute being his unique voice. At the age of 9, he had an encounter with God at a concert and from that point on maintained that relationship as a crucial part of his life. At a party when he was 15 Jonee was shown 3 chords on a guitar and spent the next few years creating names for all the other ones that he hadn't been shown yet, which he discovered was actually quite a few.

Jonnys In The Basement

Joshua's Promise





Julie Lord
Julie Lord has been writing songs for as long as she can remember. At the age of sixteen she was one half of a folk/blues duo touring local folk clubs. Nowadays her sound is described as being somewhere near a large helping of blues mixed with some jazz and r+b.

Juliet Turner

No Longer UK/Ireland Based

Jenny and Alex Legg

Johnny Markin

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