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Currently Active


Hallelujah Square

Harry Webb and the Pots of Alabaster

Hayley Angel

Helen Jayne

Helen Shapiro

Helen Turner
The music sweeps from simple guitar and vocal arrangements through to complex ambient grooves using a wide variety of unconventional and unusual instruments. Ethnic wind instruments, accordion, cello & violin, e-bow guitar, chapman stick and fretless bass all joining with helen's captivating vocals to produce a collection of songs which contain resonances for everyone.

Helen Yawson



Holly D. Johnston

Home at Last

House Molari



The Haraoke Band

The Hideous Mr. Goldstein

The High Planets
Originally a traditional live band, The High Planets decided to reinvent their band in Cyberspace and taking the MP3 revolution by the horns set themselves up on the web. Eamonn Hennessy joined at this point bringing a fresh keyboard sound, and using computer software to record and arrange the music has taken their stuff to new dimensions. Think Ian Brown, Cornershop, REM, Fatboy Slim, The Verve and you won't be too far away from The High Planets sound.

The Honey Thieves
Musically the band has been described as many things and has been torn between the genres Folk and Rock for some time now. Possible descriptions have been created such as 'Lounge Frock' but really you need to hear them for yourself.

No Longer Active


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