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Currently Active

Famous Potatoes
Despite playing together since the 70s, the Famous Potatoes still find it difficult to describe their music. They've chosen the term "soil music" because of their earthy sound which pulls in influences from western swing, bluegrass, country, gospel, folk, cajun and other styles.

Fat Old Dad

Fire Fly

Five Dollar Soul

Five Small Ponies

Bridging the gap between common perceptions and the actual truth, flik are a new sound made up of three Christian guys, out to speak the truth through their own brand of alternative rock.



So what do they sound like? Well, Bob Mould would appreciate the songwriting. The guitars are sometimes likened to The Who. Throw all that in with Bono's naivety that we can make the world a better place and what you've come up with is FONO. Two Brits who admire American rock and one American who favours British sounds.

Foreign Body

Formula 7

Fractal Edge


Freddie Kofi
The music of Freddie Kofi is composed from a tapestry of deeply meaningful lyrics and mainly interwoven with warm acoustic threads. His main musical influences include artists such as BabyFace, Lionel Richie, Stevie Wonder, Earth Wind & Fire, James Taylor, and Gospel artists such as The Winans, Fred Hammond and Stephen Curtis Chapman.




Fresh Claim
Their songs exhibited an anger and clarity that was too often lacking from the Christian youth club scene that the band play in. Musically, they are now fundamentally a blues-rock band, the funk influences of their early work having now been largely forgotten.



The Fabulous Bingo Brothers

The Fiona Simpson Band

the following

No Longer Active


Fat and Frantic

Firescan 90


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