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35 artists listed. 32 currently active.

Currently Active

da capo
da capo aim to entertain with a lively programme of music and stories appropriate to the occasion, from a Christian perspective, subtle if necessary.  We are always happy to play somewhere new!



Dan Donovan
Electric once more, Donovan still remains difficult to bag, but on his latest project he sits comfortably somewhere around The Pixies, Tom Waites and Death in Vegas.

Daniel Beddingfield

Dave and Sue Clemo

Dave Bilbrough
As a pioneer of the contemporary worship genre Dave Bilbrough's music spans 25 years, with songs that have expressed renewal and thanksgiving for countless churches across the United Kingdom and beyond.

Dave Cooke

Dave Deeks
Dave Deeks is a singer-songwriter based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England. His musical style encompasses folk, country and rock - always held together with a strong melody. Dave's voice is immediately recognizable, and his lyrics always unambiguously Christian.

Dave Fitzgerald

Dave Robson

David Currie

David J Sherwood

David Scott-Morgan


Debby Barnes

Dee Moore
Having grown up singing, joining the Birmingham Mass Choir at the age of fourteen, contemporary gospel singer Dee Moore decided at the beginning of 1998 to go solo.




As the Cutting Edge Band they released a string of worship songs which are still in regular use across the world, now as Delirious? these boys from Littlehampton are intent on taking their pop-rock into the charts.


feel like a tv aerial all coming to me at once beauty and sky and don't care no more dfg dfg about living on the edge of something like watching an electric storm out in the atlantic

Different Corner


DNA Algorithm

Doug E Ross

Douglas & Hauser

Dr Jones
Dr. Jones are a nine piece band from Edinburgh with their roots in acid jazz, classic r'n'b and rock. These influences combine to create a unique brand of funk.


Duggie Dug Dug


No Longer Active

Destiny Calling

Don't Panic

Dum Dums

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