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Currently Active

Carbon 14, started life when Allan, Jim & Ken (later joined by Doug) met on a performing arts course. But they insist Carbon 14 is "no poncy stardom-by-numbers contrivance spawned by 90's kids from fame." Instead they pick up on phrases like, "classy alterna-rock"; Melody Maker's description of them.

Cain's Mark
Cainís Mark are a three piece rock band who formed in the summer of 2000. The name derives from the mysterious mark of protection placed on Cain, Eveís son, by God. Tom Duce (19, guitar / vocals), Trevor Saull (20, bass guitar) and Joel Warwick (20, drums) use this as part of the inspiration behind their honest, dark; but often uplifting brand of rock. Cainís Mark are full of contrasts they manage to flow naturally from energetic and heavy outpourings to stripped down, but no less powerful, open and expressive melodies.


Cameron Dante

Can't Play, Won't Play
Formed to help a youth group put on a musical, CPWP enjoyed themselves so much that they stayed together as a band. They come in two forms, either the standard lineup or a more elaborate "big band".


Careless is a post Punk (ramones, buzzcocks, Randy)band which play across the UK. They have been seen playing alongsid bands such as Bushbaby, The Hitchers,The corral, Delirious?, The Candyheads, The Sultans of Ping, Haven, and Kosher.

Carl McGregor

Caroline Alexander
Since bursting onto the rock scene in 2000 has produced a string of recordings on Organic and gigged mainly in the South East but also at Festivals across the UK including three performances at Greenbelt. Her music is rock, and if you think Skunk Anansie and Guano Apes with a touch of Bjork and Sex Pistols you are beginning to get the picture.

Caroline Bonnett

Carrie and David Grant

Cashu are a 4-piece outfit from Kent. Best described as alternative indie, they draw their influences from bands as diverse as Coldplay, Foo Fighters and Counting Crows. Having cut their teeth supporting bands such as Phatfish, yFriday, Steve and Cephas, they are just stepping out into the world...

Catherine Francis

Cathy Burton
This creative 20-something pulls the stops out and serves up not only a voice and sound that are uniquely hers ... but also a blend of musical strength, spiritual depth and human frailty.

The attitude of the Sex Pistols mixed up with the melodies of bands like Green Day and Blink182. Punk rock's answer to Cliff Richard?

Charity Quin
Classically trained, with a tremendous vocal range Charity sings mainly Jazz and Gospel pieces.

Charlie Allansen

Chasing Stars


Chris Davies

Chris Eaton
Strongly influenced by Cliff Richard, for whom he's written songs, Chris Eaton has released a number of his own albums as well as working with dozens of other artists.

Chris Pusey

Chris Roe
Chris Roe has been writing songs for many years and has had much of his work published. Previous recordings have generally been in the live guitar, bass and drums format however he has recently been working with dance producer Nathan Menlove to give some of his songs a more modern feel. He has also done some work with Vince Millett and Louis Counter aka Secret Archives of the Vatican at Broken Drum Studio. The outcome is a piece of work involving a dramatic mix of live instruments and hard and often experimental beats and textures, sometimes pop, sometimes hard electronica.

Christina Harrison
Splitting her time between the US and Europe, Christina Harrison received classical voice training and was one of the solo sopranos for travelling choir "The Centralaires". Her music these days reflects more of her Scottish roots along with a touch of country.

Based in the Scottish Borders, Chrysalis fuse classical instruments (flute, oboe and sax) with celtic (highland and lowland pipes, bodhran, fiddle and Clarsach) and modern (keyboards) to produce a unique sound.

Cliff Richard
Cliff's dad bought him his first guitar for his sixteenth birthday for the princely sum of 27 pounds. Now with four decades' worth of hits under his belt he's still committed to making memorable pop tunes.

Coastal Dune
3 years ago stirring in the realms of academia in Durham, came together a band with eyes set on a higher prize than just degrees. Anthemic guitars, swirling synths and the electrifying vocals of Becky Drake were fused together. The end product has already swept two consecutive University Battle of the Bands competitions, two articles in the Guardian, radio play around the country and a hugely successful appearance on Channel 5.


Colse Leung

Convinced are a young band based in Leics, England, and are five youngsters - Chesca, Jo, Lorna, Chris & Si - who make music!! Formed in 2001, and writing their own songs, they released an EP in January 2002, which was an instant sell-out! A modern sound enhanced by guitar, bass, keys, drums & vocals, Convinced combine a set of catchy tunes, with "Sunday Best" becoming a popular hit with followers!



Crimson are a young, up-and-coming band based in the North East of Wales, UK. They play alternative rock-indie music, a wide variety of influences combining to form their own definitive sound.

Cross Purpose

A four piece rock outfit playing mostly original material, though they do slip a few covers into their set.Crossfire play mostly on the pub circuit, though they have been known to play the odd worship event.

Cruickaz (Paul Cruickshank) has been involved in the UK Christian music scene for well over a decade now. Having worked across Europe with Johnny Markin and other Artists such as Chris Bowater, Trish Morgan and Steve Lawson.


No Longer Active

Calvin's Dream
"Presbyterian garage" was the phrase most often associated with Calvin's Dream's music. Their one album, Fanatical, was an instant classic, bristling with melody and rage and packed full of understated power.


Cross Fire TYF


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