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Currently Active


A four piece rock band from the East Midlands described by a friend as a cross between the Stone Roses and the Monkees. The band have a set of mixed covers and original songs which they've been playing in pubs and clubs for the last few years.


Barefoot In The Stream

Beautiful Feet
An acoustic rock outfit determind to break into the Leeds music scene. Their music belnds driving guitar lines and vocal harmonies with drum rhythms and bass hooks they claim are so solid "you could hang your coat on them".

Bell Jar
Arising from the ashes of Eden Burning have come Bell Jar, who have now released two highly-regarded albums of fine songwriting, infectious grooves, topped by the distinctive soulful voice of Paul Northup.

Ben Okafor

Bentsonic boast guitar riffs that match the sonic landscapes that only bands like Sigur Ros and Godspeed You Black Emperor profess. Many have argued that their influences range from Placebo, Kent & Radiohead.

Beyond The Bars
A south Wales based band, whose music has been described as "folk-rock", Beyond the Bars' influences include: the Incredible String Band, Dylan, traditional Celtic music and a wide variety of literature.

Bill Drake


Blessed Rain

Blue Planet

Blue Strawberry Jam


Bon Czar Head Wardrobe of Soul


Brian Houston

Brotherhood of the Holy Cross

Brown Bear Music

Bryn Haworth
Having appeared on bills with such artists as Led Zeppelin, Jefferson Airplane and Taj Mahal, Bryn Haworth has been called a "musician's musician" and is known particularly for his slide guitar prowess.

Bushbaby are a 3-piece from Bristol, whose sound has been described as "dark post-grunge rock; punchy and full of shimmering hooks". Metal Hammer named the band "demo of the month" for September 2001

By The Way
Finding their main roots in rock but hoping to explore a ide range of styles, By The Way list U2, Delirious, Jimi Hendrix, Stone Roses, Michael W Smith and Martyn Joseph as their key influences.

The Blessed Man

The Broken
The Broken are a rock worship ministry band, based in Kettering, Northants. Led by Dave & Sue Clemo on vocals, guitar & vocals, it's an integral part of their Servant Heart Ministries.

The Burnsides

No Longer Active



Big Blue Sky

Big Vision




Booley are a band committed to writing and performing songs of intensity and passion. Influences in the band are varied but others have compared them to Fountains of Wayne, The Wannadies, and a rockier take on Ben Folds Five to name but a few. The band themselves aspire to the full on energy of Foo Fighters, the fragility of Sparklehorse and the songwriting grit of Aimee Mann.

The Bare Minimum

No Longer UK/Ireland Based

Barry Bynum

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