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Indigoecho are a four piece Indie/Rock band from Edinburgh who began life in 1998. The band take their musical cues from a number of are as like Travis, Counting crows and U2. They have played in many places including Aberdeen, Belfast, Edinburgh festival, Galway and Greenbelt Festival. Several radio stations in the UK have picked up on IndigoEcho and some tracks have been playlisted. Indigoecho have also had coverage on TV, the internet and live broadcasts in London and New York.

Latest News: 20th Mar 2002

Indigoecho recently completed a 4 date tour in Scotland. The band played at: Strathclyde Uni St Andrew's Uni Westport Bar Dundee Mercat Edinburgh The Tour went right into the heart of the mainstream playing to students and music lovers all over Scotland. 'We were looking to be Salt and Light where ever we went' said Clive Parnell (lead singer). A great moment for the band came at St Andrew's university (not because Wills bought a CD) but because the crowd were seen singing along to the bands songs and the Christians were seen worshipping. 'We have seen how much hard work touring in the mainstream is but can see the benefits, some of which might not see fruit for years to come'.

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