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Airstar is a loose creative collective built around three core members: Prod, Harv and Jules. Performing their songs as an acoustic trio, creating dream-like ambient textures with a full band line-up or operating in an electronic, loop-based format, Airstar's strength lies in the depth of their material, celebrating the wonder of the everyday with melodies to die for. With a dark, emotional resonance, finding the beauty in pain and kicking "at the darkness 'til it bleeds daylight", Unseen Forces, Airstar's debut acoustic mini-album, captures the spontaneity, intensity and intimacy they conjure live. Gliding between imagination and reason, darkness and light, Airstar is all about metamorphosis - constantly shifting around a solid core, defying attempts to define and pigeonhole. This is pop that can't be pinned down.

Latest News: 14th Aug 2002

The delicatessen acoustic night in Reading which has been mentioned here before has announced the first of its autumn events. On September 3rd, Nashville-based singer-songwriter Julie Lee will join local band Airstar and as-yet-to-be-announced guests at 21 South Street Arts Centre. A full autumn programme is expected shortly at

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